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Edge of Belgravia Precision Chef Knife Series Review

Posted on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I know I’ve spent time away from this blog. Much has changed since my last post, personally as well as the blogosphere. But thanks to a surprise email I received from Edge of Belgravia, you might see a mini revival.

Previously, I reviewed their wonderful ceramic knives, which faithfully served as my kitchen companion till the end of November last year. Coincidentally, in the course of moving to my new place, I misplaced my knives.

As soon as I received her email, I jumped at the chance and accepted the offer to review their latest range of Precision Chef Knife series. Launched in May 2014, they are very kind to send me the Professional Four Piece Set.

Edge of Belgravia Precision Chef Knife series
These are ideal for the chef-at-home in you and comprise of:

1. 19 cm Slicing Knife
“The slicing knife has a series of alternating scallops on both sides of the blade. These reduce the drag on the knife and to allow for easy separation from the knife’s blade. The result is paper-thin slices essential for precision cooking.”

2. 15 cm Filleting Knife
“The 15 cm filleting knife is the supreme tool for filleting and boning. It is essential for the professional chef. In fact, it was specifically requested by a number of London’s top chefs. The Precision filleting knife is slightly dextrous to ensure precision filleting and boning. You will instantly see the difference with your meat cuts and it is the perfect tool for your complex seafood dishes.”

3. 19 cm Chef’s Knife
“The 19 cm Precision Chef Knife is larger than our current 15 cm version. It is for all of you who think bigger is better. Remarkable in sharpness and size, the precision chef knife will have you dicing, slicing, chopping and mincing absolutely everything you want with unbelievable ease.”

4. 19 cm Bread Knife
“Excellent bread needs an excellent bread knife. The new 19 cm Bread Knife has been extended in length to ensure the perfect bread slice, no matter what size. The serrated edge ensures that the bread remains airy as you cut it. Your sandwiches will be transformed.”

Precision cut meat

True to their hallmark of bold and innovate designs, these knives are masterfully conceived by contemporary designer Christian Bird. They share the commonality of having rubber coated handles as well as non-stick coating. These 2 features, along with the medium hard stainless steel used (HRC 56-58) exhibit the advantage of long edge retention with ease of sharpening.

My verdict? It was a toss-up between the filleting and slicing knife as my favorite from this set. But I have to say the slicing knife is the one thing that’s been missing in my kitchen. The way it glides through and perfectly parted out the portions with ease, makes this a heavily used item right now. Don’t get me wrong, they are all outstanding knives in their own fashion and utility.

Edge of Belgravia Black Diamond
When I received the package from Edge of Belgravia, I was a little surprised by the size of it. But of course, what will great looking knives be without the companion of an equally gorgeous looking holder. So, here’s introducing the Black Diamond Knife Block. The architectural design shaped to reflect its namesake drew a big wow across friends and visitors who stumbled on their first sight. This exquisite knife block, again designed by the creative Christian Bird, has a capacity of up to 11 knives.

Judging by the longevity (promise I will not lose these ones if I need to move again) I had with their last 2 pieces, I would say this is definitely the brand to go for if you need knives that stay sharp for years. Both the set and knife block currently retails (Mar 2017) for SGD 138 (GBP79.90) each. For more details, do visit Edge of Belgravia.

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