Monday, August 19, 2013

Great Benefits of Daily Flossing

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Posted on Monday, August 19, 2013

Great Benefits of Daily Flossing
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When I visited home last month, I went to my dentist appointment and had my dental cleaning. Sad to say though that my dentist had to do two re-filling. It was a shock to me to see that I had so much stain due to my daily coffee and tea drinking.

Anyway, after the cleaning and re-filling, I was embarassed that my dentist had to tell me to brush my teeth and to floss. As if I don't brush three times! I have to admit though that I'm very lazy to floss even I have it somewhere in my room. I have to listen to the dentist though and resume with at least once a day flossing. So if you are still hesitant to floss, here are some of the great benefits of flossing.

1) Helps in losing weight. This is actually a shock to mes. To achieve this, you have to floss after meals. This is actually a mental trick that if you do it after a meal you wouldn't want to lose the squeaky clean feel on your teeth.

2) Prevents cavities and protects your gums. If you floss regularly, the bacteria and food particles stuck in between your teeth will be removed. Removing the bacteria prevents the cavities and plaque to form tartar. Tartar build up leads to gingivitis, which will make your gums red and swollen.

3) Extends life and prevents other diseases. Flossing with regular brushing actually results in great cardiovascular health. There is also a decrease chance of having a stroke. Regular flossing actually removes bacteria and infection from our teeth before they can be passed through our respiratory system. Study from the American Geriatrics Society says that it prevents dementia. Heart disease and diabetes can be prevented as well.

4) Eliminates bad breath. Bad breath actually indicates bacteria growth in our teeth or a possible gum disease. If you floss and you're bleeding, you might have a gum disease like gingivitis. No bacteria and healthy gums equate to no bad breath.

5) Whitens your teeth. Another shocking benefit of flossing! If you do the correct way of flossing, potential stains and plaque build up will be removed.

6) Saves you money. If you floss, it will prevent gum disease and cavities. You will only need to see the dentist for regular cleaning without the costly filling, treatment or even surgery.

So who's with me to do daily flossing?

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