Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Get Fit with GymPact and Earn $$$ per Activity

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Posted on Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Get Fit with GymPact and Earn $$$ per Activity
January is the month where everybody returns to the gym to get rid of those holiday weight.

Wouldn't it be nice that as you lose some weight, you also earn some cash? GymPact app which is available in iPhone and Android phones offers cash for every gym checkin that you have logged.

So how does GymPact work?

You need to download the Gympact app from App Store or Google Play. Take advantage of the voucher code trainMakoy, which will automatically credit you $5 in your GymPact account.

At the settings, go to the Change my Pact link and set your number of workouts per week as well as the stakes in case you missed your workout. Any changes to the pact will only take effect Monday the next week.

Check in at gyms, running tracks and even swimming pools for a minimum 30 minutes. GymPact will verify if you are on that location. If your gym, running tracks or swimming pools are not in the list, you can manually register it to the app. Take note that gym at home or in the office are not included for obvious reasons.

If you run outside, you can use the RunKeeper app to sync your GPS tracked run. Make sure though to sync before Sunday midnight to count your workout.

Gympact checkin screen

By Wednesday the next week, you shall receive an email from GymPact with the summary of your workouts and earnings. In case you missed a workout, you shall expect a charge from your credit card a minimum of $5 per miss.

If you will be on vacation or you know that you won't be able to visit the gym for a certain period, you can schedule a break in the app.

GymPact settings screen

If you happen to be sick, according to the FAQ of GymPact, your doctor or employer can email at to notify about your condition. Your stakes will be waived.

Happy working out for 2013! Let's all stay fit!

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