Monday, June 4, 2012

Free Maxifuel Fuel Pack

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Posted on Monday, June 4, 2012

During the Sundown Marathon 2012 race pack collection, NTUC USports members were given a free Maxifuel Fuel Pack which is worth S$70. The Maxifuel Fuel Pack consist of a Maxifuel singlet, Maxifuel water bottle, Maxifuel Viper Boost Bar & Gels, Maxifuel Electro Tabs and Maxifuel Viper Active Gels.

I have tried the gels and it tastes awesome unlike other brands which are too sweet and with raspy texture. My friend even commented that he didn't feel thirsty after taking the Maxifuel gel. I didn't like though the Electro Tabs, it tastes a bit bland for me. Maybe it's a good thing, less sugar and additional flavorings. On my next run, I will definitely use Maxifuel Gels again!

If you want to avail the free Maxifuel Fuel Pack, sign up with NTUC with the special U Run Premium Package. The free Maxifuel Fuel Pack is free for delivery!

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