Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sundown Marathon 2012 Experience

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Posted on Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sundown Marathon 2012 Experience
After months of waiting, I have finally conquered Sundown Marathon for the second straight year. I still don't have the courage to take the full marathon so I am contended to sign up with the half-marathon. According to Sundown Marathon's organizer, this is the first time in five years that they are conducting the run in the city.

So how's my Sundown Marathon experience? Let me give you the rundown of the good and bad points.

Good Points
1) The venue being moved to Nicoll Highway was a good thing for me, it's more convenient because of Circle Line.

2) Distance markers were visible.

3) Cheerers near the finishing line. Even it was raining hard, I saw a lot of people cheering for us. It was indeed a great motivation to finish.

4) Food, food, and free food! I was surprised to see that they have free popcorn and cotton candy. Since both of them are sweet, I opted not to avail it. Luckily, after my run, the prices of other food went down from $5 to $3. I had the boneless chicken with cheese.

5) Free movie for runners and supporters. This was one of the best points of Sundown Marathon. They have shown X-Men First Class during the start of the half and full marathon. Those who are waiting for the runners had a great time watching the movie with free popcorn. Maybe add Poker Games and some interactive games for the supporters next year?

6) Nice tee and finisher medal!

Bad Points
1) Same timing for the half and full marathon caused bottleneck with the route. They should have changed the timing of the half marathon to an earlier timing or changed the route for both.

2) Lack of 100 plus. It's disappointing that on every hydration stations, I will look for 100 plus but sadly I only saw it twice during my run. Even it is clearly stated in the runner's guide that 100 plus will be served every other hydration stops, it didn't happen.

3) Dark routes. This was the same problem that I had last year with Sundown. Some parts of the route are literally pitch black. Maybe I should bring a flash light next time.

4) Bad weather. I know this is not the fault of the organizer but hopefully next time they have Plan B in case rain suddenly strikes. Runners were actually stuck in the tent waiting for the rain to stop. I was one of them actually.

Honestly, if we disregard the bad weather Sundown Marathon 2012 was actually a great experience for me. I finished with the timing of 2:49 which is not my best time compared to my Sundown Marathon 2011's timing of 2:45.

Check out my Sundown Marathon 2012 photos.

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