Monday, May 7, 2012

Cathay Cineplex JB Malaysia Experience

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Posted on Monday, May 7, 2012

Cathay Cineplex JB Malaysia ExperienceLast week, I finally have watched The Avengers with my friends at Cathay Cineplex at JB Malaysia. JB Malaysia is a popular destination to Singaporeans since it is just a bus away and the prices are usually half the price.

Booking the movie tickets in advance had some problems. The online booking keeps on throwing me error after I key in my credit card OTP. Thankfully, a day before the movie, I was able to book it. For three tickets, it only cost me less than $16. If you watch here in Singapore during weekends or public holiday, it would cost us more than S$30.

Anyway, I just noticed that Malaysians prefer not to buy online since a day before the movie, not even ten seats were booked.

Traveling to JB was a breeze. We took the express bus at Queen Street, Bugis. You can pay by cash or even by EZlink. For less than 30 minutes, we reached JB. It's just a bummer that City Square is under renovation and one of the reasons were there was Kenny Rogers. We headed first to the cinema to get our tickets. It was Labor Day so the cinema was crowded. I queued at the online booking counter and I was so furious that people that didn't book online was queuing. What's the point of booking online if I have to wait for 30 minutes.

After that horrible queue, we tried this chicken restaurant which is similar to Kenny Rogers. Not that awesome though.

After lunch and strolling to some uncovered parts of the mall, we finally headed to the cinema. The cinema was huge but you can smell dust. I don't know if it's just me but I itched during the movie. Thankfully, there were no marks meaning it's just in my head. The movie quality and audio were awesome though.

Will I still go to Cathay Cineplex JB Malaysia? Definitely yes!

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