Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Woman in Black Movie Review

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Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2012

After having a feast at Domino's Pizza last Friday, we went to watch "The Woman in Black" at NEX. I was able to see the trailer of this movie when we went to watch "This Means War." The trailer was indeed catchy and I told myself that I have to watch it.

Anyway, "The Woman in Black" is actually a film adaptation of Susan Hill's book of the same title. The story of the movie revolves around Arthur Kipps played by Daniel Radcliffe. He portrayed a young solicitor, who was assigned to handle the estate of Alice Drablow, who lived at the Eel Marsh House with her husband, son and sister. At that house while working on the papers, he heard noises and experienced bizarre things. On many instances he saw the woman in black at the cemetery and even the ghost children right in front of the porch. From there, he was able to connect the dots and solve the mystery of the death of the woman in black. But the grudge of the woman in black prevailed in the end.

Now for my review. The story is actually not that ordinary. It is quite common and it has been used in many plots of movies and TV series. And since it should follow the premise of the book, there's no happy ending. Or are we expecting a sequel?

In terms of suspense and thriller ingredients, the movie can do better. But it was still scary though especially the build up before the climax of the scary scene.  The guy on my right at the cinema was actually on fetal position hiding on his girlfriend.

Acting wise, Daniel Radcliffe acted better here than his role in Harry Potter. One character that is also impressive for me is Janet McTeer, who played Mrs. Daily, the woman who is possessed by her son and treats her dogs as her children.

Overall, the movie isn't that bad. More scary stuff and changing of the ending would have made it better for me.

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