Thursday, March 1, 2012

U Run OMB Challenge 2012 Review Part 2

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Posted on Thursday, March 1, 2012

U Run OMB Challenge 2012 Review Part 2
This is the second year of U Run and I must say that they need more improvement. There are a lot of mishap that happened this year and I would think twice if I'm running again next year.

The biggest problem this year was the baggage claiming. When I reached the runners assembly, the queue was so long that it took runners to get their bags for more than an hour. The second issue was the sizing of the singlets and finisher shirts. U Run has changed their clothing sponsor and some sizes has run out. Next, the medal was cheaply made. It's just sub standard from my medals from my other runs. And lastly, it's awful that they don't have any bananas or any food at the assembly. Are they expecting for the runners to survive with just water?

Anyway, the only thing that I liked was the schedule of different waves. It made the road less crowded and I was able to catch my run. And of course, the abundance of Pocari Sweat was well appreciated by the runners. I just hope they would give the Pocari Sweat in small plastic cups.

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