Thursday, March 1, 2012

U Run OMB Challenge 2012 Review Part 1

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Posted on Thursday, March 1, 2012

U Run OMB Challenge 2012 Review Part 1
Last Sunday, I finally experienced my first OMB challenge from U Run. The OMB Challenge is the first run in Singapore wherein after running, you need to do a vertical climb. The run was a total of 10 kilometers and after which you need to climb the 30-storey fire escape stairs of the NTUC Building.

Anyway, before I tell my experience of the run. I rather start with the race pack collection. The race pack collection was held at Velocity in Novena and it was a smooth collection. There was no queue at all and it's just disappointing that they don't have any bags to come with the running singlet and bib. And there are no vouchers as mentioned from their website.

When I finally reached home and tried my shirt, I was in shock to see that it was horribly tight! I looked like a popiah. This was my second year running for U Run and I just based my size from my size the year before. I didn't even bother to check the dimension if it's correct or not. I'm just pleased that when I sent an inquiry to them via their Facebook page, they allowed me to change it as well as my finisher shirt.

Now back to the run. My run was actually scheduled at 7:30 and I woke up late, around 6:30. Thankfully, the OMB challenge has 12 waves with 4 minutes intervals. I was able to catch the last wave while running from the street to the starting point of the Float @ Marina Bay.

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