Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Success of Modern Family

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Posted on Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Success of Modern FamilyOne of the big winners at this years Emmy Awards was the television comedy series "Modern Family." The cast claimed the awards of Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, while those behind the scenes won Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.

Modern Family is the type of show that is very entertaining, yet does not require a lot of thought to go into its viewing. It can be watched after dinner while curled up on the sofa, or even out of the corner of your eye while you are playing Partypoker. It is popular with a wide ranging audience and the comedy is hilariously awkward and well performed.
This American show debuted on ABC on September 23, 2009. It was created by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan who serve as both showrunner and executive producers. The show has a mockumentary style with the characters sometimes talking to the camera as if they are being interviewed about their lives.
The main characters are all connected by family ties, with the Pritchett family units all being unconventional and entertaining. Jay Pritchett is the head of the family, whose grown-up son and daughter both have family units of their own
Jay has re-married the beautiful Columbian woman Gloria and together they are raising her son Manny. Jay's daughter Claire is married to Phil Dunphy and they have three children, Haley, Alex and Luke. Then there is Jay's gay son Mitchell and his partner Cameron. Together they have adopted a baby from Vietnam, Lily.

The comedy revolves around the characters and the way that they interact with each other. The differences between them are wide and this makes for some hilarious problems and situations. The best thing about this show, however, is the way that they always manage to sort out their problems. They are a strong family underneath it all, it just takes some strange situations to help them remember this.

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