Monday, August 1, 2011

Nike+ GPS Review

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Posted on Monday, August 1, 2011

Nike+ GPS Review
Last July 23 during my run at Marina21K, I was equipped with my two Nike+ gadgets. I used my Nike+ GPS iPhone application as well the Nike+ sensor and watch. I ran for the half-marathon and I was worried that my 3Gs iPhone won't last since I only have 60% of my battery. Now with my review of Nike+ GPS.

Nike+ GPS currently tracks distance, pace, calories burned as well as the exact GPS location of your runs. You can play songs during your run and you can pre-set some power songs that the app can trigger to boost your run. The app has a voice over depending on your preferred distance. There's also a summary roundown after your run with additional cheer from some famous sports people.

What I like about this application is the interface. It's striking red and very easy to use. The app has a built-in integration with Facebook that allows you to hear claps every time your friend sends a comment or likes your Nike+ status.

What I don't like about this app is that it needs to be active meaning it can't be locked to save battery. With the constant use of GPS, battery drains fast. With the half-marathon of 60% battery, my iPhone 3GS only lasted less than 16 kilometers.

I got the Nike+ GPS for free during their anniversary promotion. Currently, the application costs $1.99 which isn't that bad with the features it has. Hopefully, they can lower it down so more can download.

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