Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sundown Marathon 2011 Experience Part 2

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Posted on Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sundown Marathon 2011 Experience Part 2
The half-marathon stretched from Changi Exhibition Centre, Aviation Road Park, Changi Coast Road, Tanah Merah, Safra then back to the Changi Exhibition Centre. This is the most tiring run ever and I find the route a bit boring especially the long route of Changi Coast Road. The only view that you can see are the trees and the runway of Changi Airport. By the way, I'm using my iPhone for the music and the first song to play was Martin Nievera's You Are My Song. Duh!

Anyway, the markers were consistent every kilometer as well as the water stations every two kilometers if I'm not mistaken. It's just a bummer that most of the stations only have water.

When I reached the 16th kilometer mark, I already felt exhausted. My legs were in pain and I had to stop on some occasions to stretch my legs. This was the result of not being prepared and not having enough training. When I reached the 19th kilometer mark, I tried to push myself and just thought that I'm already near the finish line. It just sucks that there were some parts of the 20th kilometer mark that are badly lit. As in pitch black. They should have installed some lighting system there.

When I was near the finish, I can hear already the loud sound system. I love that there were people clapping and cheering before reaching the finish line. The feeling was awesome. I didn't know that there were photos and videos taken at the finish line which I learned after the run. You have to pay of course to get a copy of the photo and the video. It's just funny that my video preview shows that I'm somehow tired and limping. I finish the half-marathon approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes (lol).

At the finish line, there were stations for the water, banana, 100 plus and the finisher medal. Right after that, I sat on the ground and fed myself with the banana and water. I wasn't able to drink the 100 plus since I broke the opening tab. I was rushing to finish the banana and water since the last shuttle bus departs at 11 PM. I immediately claimed my bag then rushed to the bus station. Luckily I made it on time and the bus driver said that the ride was free. The bus was so cold and I was all sweaty. I changed my shoes inside the bus and wipped off my sweat. Luckily at Tanah Merah MRT, I was still able to get to the last trip.

Hopefully next year I can run the full marathon.

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