Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back To Blogging

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Posted on Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back To Blogging
Hi guys! I'm officially back in blogging. After the Sundown Marathon and my Bali trip, I felt lazy to keep you updated. I must admit that it's less stressful for me. Now, I'm thinking of updating my blog on a weekly basis.

So to update you guys, here's what's going on with me for a couple of months. Sundown Marathon happened and it was a great experience. Painful and excruciating when I reached the 18 kilometer mark and I opted to walk on some time. Maybe I'll make a separate post about that experience.

Still with running, the half-marathon run has inspired me to continue running with that distance. In the upcoming months, I have signed up to run in Marina21K, Adidas King of the Road, Singapore Half Marathon and lastly the coveted Standard Chartered Marathon. I'm still thinking whether I will run on this year's Yellow Ribbon Prison Run. If you've been following my blog, you know that Yellow Ribbon Prison Run was my official first run.

The last couple of weeks was stressful in financial terms. I have finally got myself a life term insurance. I have been planning to get one for a year and finally its over. Then days later, my friend told me about the condominium in the Philippines from SM. I met with the representatives from SM and had signed up for it. Hours later, I made some computation and I felt unease my salary might not accomodate the payments for the insurance and the condominium. I had decided to lower my insurance premium since there is still 14 days grace period to change. For the condominium, I have decided to just get the 1 bedroom without the balcony. That tiny balcony costs 200,000 pesos! I'm just praying for a promotion, a big increment or a new job.

I will end this post with a greeting to my second niece, Anika. Happy birthday my angel!

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