Saturday, April 16, 2011

Short Vacation in The Philippines Part 2

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Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011

Short Vacation in The Philippines Part 2
My mom and I slept at my sister's room since they have recently installed an air con and my room was very humid. My mom and I were talking then I fell asleep. That morning, I woke up with the breakfast on the table. I miss that a lot! I had an appointment with my dentist at 11 in the morning and my mom tagged along with me since she wants to do her filling. Before that, my mom called our dentist and confirmed my appointment. According to her, we can drop by after 40 minutes since she wasn't finished yet with her client.

That morning by the way, I finally gave the talking doll to my beautiful niece, Sam. I got it from Changi Airport and I'm happy that she liked it. Now back to my dentist visit, we got there after 40 minutes and she wasn't done yet. My mom waited for more than 30 minutes before my turn. The good news was my dental health was in good shape, my gums were healthy and I have no cavities! Wohoo! When it was my mom's turn, I just waited for her to finish. It's just awful to see that she was bleeding heavily during the cleaning. She have this sensitive gums that the dentist has to stop and just continue the next week. After the dentist, we had our lunch at home. It was Sinigang na Hipon and Bistek Tagalog. It wasn't yummy though. Our house helper needs more training in the kitchen.

Since I only have the weekend, I have no time to just stay in house. After resting and playing with my niece, I went to SM Sucat and bought my grocery items. It's shocking that the prices are high. Now with my clothing shopping, I went to SM Mall of Asia and bought a long sleeves and jeans.

To be continued...

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