Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Run 350 Experience

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Posted on Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Run 350 Experience
Sunday morning, I finally experienced Run 350. This is the second year of Run 350 in which they promote in helping Mother Earth. The run is a stretch of 10 kilometers from the Promontory to Marina Bay Sands, Clifford Street then back to the Promontory.

It was a sunny morning and I have to say that it was my hottest run yet. Anyway, I arrived Raffles MRT around 7 in the morning. Since, I haven't heard anything from my three friends, I headed to the Promontory to deposit my bag. It's just nice to see a lot of people wearing Orange, which is the official color of Run 350. I wore my blue Adidas singlet since I find Run 350's singlet ugly.

The baggage section was organized and I'm so thankful that the field wasn't muddy. I queued to my designated counter then checked in my bag. One of my friend sent me a message asking where I was. Anyway, he was late and my two other friends stood me up. I forgot to bring my iPhone arm band so I opted to leave my phone in my bag. While I was doing my stretching, I realized that I forgot my Nike+ sensor in my bag. I went bag to the baggage counter and asked for my bag. I was apologetic to the lady and she told me that it was fine.

The starting point was very crowded. They segregated ladies from men. I'm just not certain whether both sexes ran at the same time. From the Promontory, the runners headed to Marina Bay Sands. After that location, I noticed that there were no road closures but only one fourth of the street was assigned for Run 350. It looked like Manila traffic literally after the Arts Museum.

Anyway, if I can recall there were designated water stations every 2 kilometers and distance marker every kilometer. For this run, I have decided to just drink at 4 kilometers. It is somehow a distraction and a disaster for momentum.

I finished the run with my Nike+ time of 1 hour 9 minutes. There were no goodie bags and they were wise to give the finisher medal right after finish line. So to those that planned not to run and just to get the goodie bag, you're plan was a big mistake.

At the Promontory, there were a lot of activities. There were free massage with a very long queue, banana section, water and 100 plus section, face painting section and even a bull for kids to ride ala Rodeo.

I didn't stay that long. After changing my shirt, I headed home tired and hungry. Next run, Sundown Marathon!

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