Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NTUC Healthcare U Run Experience

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Posted on Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NTUC Healthcare U Run Experience
Finally after months of waiting, the NTUC Healthcare U Run happened. Before the competition, I bought some running gadgets that can help me. I finally bought the waterproof headset for running as well as the iPhone armband.

Anyway the morning of the run, I woke up 6 in the morning. The run would start 7:45 sharp and I was running late. I left my place 6:50 and I arrived the MRT by 7 in the morning. I was so anxious that I would be late and that happened. The train from Yishun arrived 7:15 and by that time I know that I would be late. My friends actually reached the venue very early and they phoned me to ask if they need to wait for me. I told them to just go ahead and I'll just catch up.

I reached Raffles Place MRT by 7:45 and I immediately rushed to the baggage counter. Since the tents including the baggage counter were around the field, I had no choice but to walk over there. Sadly, it was wet and muddy. After fixing the headset and the iPhone on my left arm, I headed to the starting point and gave it all. It's just awful that I was so way behind. I was late 15 minutes. My run in general was okay. The downside was only the hot sun.

Moving along, before the 4 kilometers mark I finally saw my first friend. It shocked me really to see her behind my other two friends. Apparently, she was having "cramps." Just meters apart were my couple friends. I didn't talk to them and just gave them a tap on their shoulder and a smile. I was so determine to catch up with my 15 minutes lag time that I finished my run in 1 hour and 7 minutes. That is 16 minutes improvement from my last 10 kilometers run! Wohoo!

When I reached the finished line, the marshall instructed me to queue to the goodie bag and it was a long line. I had to get back again to the muddy field to get my goodie bag. After the goodie bag, I went to the sports drink and fruits tent. While queuing, I received a call from my friends and they were asking me where I was. After getting my bag, changed my shirt and shoes, I finally met my friends. After cleaning our muddy shoes, we headed to Lau Pa Sat where we had our lunch at Happy V.

Who's running on Run 350 this April?

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