Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Old Look. Hello, Manila!

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Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Old Look
A few hours from now I'll be landing in Manila. I'm so happy and excited to see my family again after a few months. My nieces have grown tremendously and I'm hoping the youngest one won't cry when she sees me.

I am almost done with my shopping for my family and I only need to buy some toys and a shirt for our house helper. If I still have time, I might just shop in the airport. I just hope I can get my nieces some toys. Over the weekend, I went shopping in an Outlet store and went for a haircut. It's a funny story that the stylist did not understand what I want. I was just surprised that he used the machine razor ala barbers cut. Now, my hair looks so short.

Anyway, my vacation is very short from Friday early morning to Monday night. The first that I will do is to see my dentist. Hopefully, she won't reject me on having a dental cleaning. No cavities I hope! After that, I might go shopping and have my massage. Hello again to hoarding of corned beef, tuna and sardines.

Saturday, I still don't have plans. Maybe I'll ask my mom, my sister and my niece to go to the mall to eat or watch a movie.

Sunday, my whole family will visit our dad in Manila Memorial Park. My eldest sister promised to treat me for lunch, which I am looking forward to. Hopefully, we're munching in Dampa!

Will post some stories when I get back. See you Manila!

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