Monday, February 21, 2011

Nike Running 2010 Rundown

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Posted on Monday, February 21, 2011

Nike Running 2010 Rundown

September 2009, I started going to the gym and there was no turning back to that. The next year after that I have been running seriously even joining mini runs. There were ups and some downs. I can never forget the time that my knees ached because of running and just recently my arch from my right foot ached. And how can I forget the huge hematoma from my right knee.

Anyway, September 2010 in preparation for my Nike 10km Run I bought the Nike+ Running kit and with that I was able to track my run. It's just amazing that Nike+ had this Rundown for the year 2010. Just to summarize, I run a total of 190 kilometers for the year 2010 with a total of 12,178 calories burned. Wowza!

And my run tonight marked my 250 kilometers run using my Nike+. I'm now on a Green Level. 750 kilometers more and I'll be on a Blue Level. How many runs would that be?

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