Monday, February 14, 2011

Daily Bible Reading iPhone App

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Posted on Monday, February 14, 2011

Daily Bible Reading iPhone App
One of my new year's resolution is to finish reading the Holy Bible. My best friend gave me the bible as a birthday present last year and until now I haven't touched it. Anyway, since there are many applications available in iPhone, I searched if there are any free Bible applications.

It has been 50 days now and I have been reading the Holy Bible Free iPhone application. It's just amazing that each day I get to read chapters from the Old Testament and the New Testament. Hopefully for 365 days, I can finish it.

Anyway, aside from the Daily Reading, you can also read per chapters of the Old and New Testament, save your favorite verses and read random verses. Major Bible versions are also available like ASV, BBE, DBY, DRC, KJV, WEBS, WEB and YLT. I'm currently reading the World English Bible.

To those who want to join my daily reading, you can download the Holy Bible Free application (Developer Tiago Petrucci Ribeiro) in iTunes for FREE.

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