Monday, January 3, 2011

Inbetweeners DVD Boxset

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Posted on Monday, January 3, 2011

Inbetweeners DVD Boxset
Hello 2011 and one way to start the new year is to watch a new TV series. It has been a long time since I watched a British comedy. And I have to admit that British people have a different comedic style. Anyway, my favorite of course was Little Britain and they are very hilarious! Moving along, I am introducing you to “Inbetweeners.” It is a British comedy that started airing in 2008 on E4 channel. It has a total of 3 seasons with six episodes each.

The story of Inbetweeners revolves around the life of Will McKenzie (the protagonist and the show’s narrator, which was played by Simon Bird) together with his three friends Simon Cooper, Jay Cartwright and Neil Sutherland at the fictional Rudge Park Comprehensive.

This show was a smash hit with a record breaking audience of 2.6 million viewers (12.5% audience share) on its channel. One proof of its success was the film version of the TV series with all the characters reprising their roles. According to reports, the plot of the film version will be about the four boys on a holiday in Crete. The film version of Inbetweeners will be released sometime this year.

If you can’t wait to watch the film version, you better get the Inbetweeners DVD boxset which contains Season 1 to 3. Happy watching!

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