Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010 and My First Tarot Reading

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Posted on Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010 and My First Tarot Reading
This is my third Christmas in Singapore and this time I spent it with my Singaporean friends. Thank you again to Alvin and Willie for the invitation. Anyway, the potluck party was in Hougang and I was the only Filipino there. Thankfully, they were nice that most of the time they spoke in English. Anyway, they were a lot of food including the log cake that my friends and I contributed.

By 8 P.M., we started our dinner where I only had a slice of pizza and a piece of corn pie. After that, I asked my dear friend Alvin if he brought his tarot cards. He promised me days ago that he would read my tarot reading for free. Anyway, he brought his tarot cards and started to explain to me the mechanics. The first question that I have asked was about my work for 2011. I have decided actually to look for a new work by the 2nd quarter of 2011 but after my tarot reading it swayed my decision.

My tarot reading was like this. There were two options for the cards: 1) stay with my current job and 2) finding a new job. On the first option, it said that a new woman in the office will enter the picture. She will work face-to-face with me and there is a possibility of a promotion. I’ll be happy if I’ll stay. On the second option, it said that I need to know what I want. Once I discover it, I can do well. Anyway, I also asked questions about the permanent residency application and love (lol). That I wouldn’t share the details. Haha.

After my tarot reading, my new friends followed and I was there to listen. One asked about his business, the other one about investments and lastly about love.

This is actually my first tarot reading and I find it quite amusing. Thanks again to Alvin for the tarot reading. If you guys are in Singapore, you may want to try this tarot reading from my friend. You may call him at +6598399742 or email at He will also be at the Fashion Bazaar in Bishan on January 29 from 12 PM to 6 PM.

Anyway by 11 P.M., we started exchanging gifts with a twist. Each of us had to promote our gifts without telling what it is. Those who received the highest votes can pick first the gift that he wants and so on. I received a body shop body scrub pack which smells so yummy!

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