Wednesday, December 29, 2010

First Bangkok Trip - Day 1 Part 3

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Posted on Wednesday, December 29, 2010

First Bangkok Trip - Day 1 Part 3 Chinatown
After the one hour massage at the spa, we hailed a taxi to Chinatown where we searched for a place to have dinner. It was very hard to communicate with the Thais because most of them are not that great with English. Anyway, we asked our cab driver for the best Thai food in Chinatown but he never understood us. We kept walking at the side walk until we reached this street where lots of people flocked.

Since it is a given, we went there to have our dinner. I just can't recall of the name of the restaurant since it is in Thai alphabets. What's so amazing with this restaurant is that they use ropes to pass the orders on the kitchen on the top floor. By the way, it is a Chinese restaurant that does lots of seafood grilling. We ordered the following food: Tom Yum Seafood, Fried Rice, grilled green mussel, filled crab, grilled prawns and some vegetables (and extra rice).

The food was great and it was so affordable! On my next visit in Bangkok, I'll definitely go back there.

After our dinner, we headed to ride the boat at the Chao Praya River. We asked the traffic police for directions but we were informed that it was already closed. We reached the hotel at exactly 11 P.M. and hours later I heard my friend making sounds. She was chilling and I opted to give up my comforter and lower down the air conditioner.

Day 2 on my next post...

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