Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Bangkok Trip - Day 1

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Posted on Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Bangkok Trip - Day 1
Over the weekend, may gal pal and I went on to our first Bangkok trip. We bought our air tickets and reserved our hotel months ago. The problem was we're overbooked with all the places that we wanted to go. The night before our flight, we have decided to just stop editing our itinerary and hoped it would be fine.

Saturday morning, I was supposed to wake up around 3:45 AM but I somehow missed my alarm and was sound asleep until I heard the text message of my friend. I'm supposed to leave my house around 4:30 AM and at that time I was about to take a shower. After ten minutes of shower and preparation, I was on our block's bus stop and waited for a cab. I immediately called my friend for directions since I was fetching her. We reached the Budget Terminal early 5 AM and after we have checked-in, we went to McDonald's and had our breakfast.

We departed Singapore on time and we reached Bangkok past 7 in the morning, Bangkok time. The Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport was impressive compared to the airport in the Philippines. I just don't like the long queue in the Immigration. They should open more counters since there are a lot of tourists visiting Bangkok. Anyway, after we were cleared in the Immigration, our target was to get a Bangkok map. After we got our maps, we went to the Public Taxi exit and managed to reached our castle like hotel in less than an hour. Our taxi fare costs 420 baht including the 2 toll fees and the airport taxi charge. Not that bad.

Since we arrived the hotel before the check-in time we have decided to go straight to Chatuchak Weekend Market and just leave our luggages in the hotel. Thankfully the receptionist was fluent in English and she helped us in the directions. Thanks Ms. Tong! We took the taxi again to the Weekend Market and our first destination was the food section. It was 11 in the morning Bangkok time and since Bangkok is delayed one hour, we felt our hunger. We can't find the food section so went to the nearby mall and ate a Western meal. We're in Bangkok and still having Western food. LOL.

After our lunch, we went back to the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Our goal was to buy clothes, the tamarind delicacy and a hand carry luggage. At first we got lost but we find our way to the Information counter and got our Chatuchak map. If you're looking for clothes, you need to go to Section 21 until the Clock Tower. Since we only have three hours for Chatuchak, I only bought 1 shirt, 2 shorts and 1 vest. By 2 PM, we went back to the hotel to check-in. When we got our keys, it just annoyed me that they were still fixing our room and I was standing in the room waiting for them to finish the bed. After 10 minutes, I finally managed to sit on the bed and fix my things.

To be continued...

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