Monday, October 11, 2010

Resorts World Sentosa Dinner and Dance 2010

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Posted on Monday, October 11, 2010

Me and my hostage Sheila
Me and my hostage Sheila
Last Friday was our company's Dinner and Dance. This year's theme was the Mafia and the Rebels meaning we can dress up like Godfather or be a punk. I had thought of dressing up like a toned Mafia but my fitting didn't go well. I was in the mall for two days and the night before the party I got so frustrated. I was in Topman and tried the gray slacks and vest. I looked short and something looked wrong with the getup. I was thinking that the pants was too fitted for me. They don't have any other types available though. Because of that, I opted to wear my jeans, blue shirt and a borrowed vest. I think it worked.

The venue for this year was at the Resorts World Sentosa Convention Centre. My friends and I met at Vivo City and we opted to ride the free shuttle bus to the venue. I was laughing hard when I saw my Filipina friends at Vivo City. They were wearing skimpy black dresses and the other one looked like Madonna with the hat. Harhar. My other friend who said she did not bought anything was all dressed up with a matching glittery hat and trench coat.

The registration according to the invitation starts at 6 PM and the party starts after an hour. We arrived just on time and I was excited to eat. There were three raffle draws for the night and as always I did not hope to win. After the registration and dropping off the raffle coupons, we went to get a drink and went inside. My other friends did not went inside and got so hooked up with the air brush tattoo booth.

Inside the convention centre were four large screens and in the middle was the stage. Minutes after the program started with a dance number. The host entered the picture and we were commanded to stand. He introduced the groupings of the convention centre and the game started. One of the contenders belonged to our table. Sadly, he lost. After the game, they introduced the first 20 winners of the raffle. My friend on the same table won a white Adidas watch. After the raffle, the appetizer was served.

Moving along, on the third raffle I was surprised to see my name as the 27th raffle winner.  I was so surprised to receive a personal refrigerator.  I had to carry it to our table all by myself and it was heavy.  Anyway, the mafia games continued and the other food was served.  After the grand prize was awarded, we had decided to leave.  We even had the chance of sipping some wine given by the other tables.

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