Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nike City 10K SG vs KL Race Pack

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Posted on Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nike City 10K SG s KL Race Pack
This morning I woke up 7 in the morning then headed to Yishun Park. It was an awful run. I was in the 1.8 kilometers mark when I started to feel the pain on my left knee. I was literally walking then running alternately. When I reached 3 kilometers on my Nike Sportband, I went home to have my breakfast, shower and rest. After all of that, I went the gym and for a second time that day I went to run at the treadmill. I had a total of 6 kilometers of run that day and the run at the treadmill was quite fine. Thanks to the pain killer that I took before the gym.

After the gym, I went home to take a shower then headed to 313@Somerset. I met my friend there to pick up the Nike Race pack. Before that we had our lunch at the Basement 1 of 313@Somerset. Now back to the collection of race pack, we went to Orchard Central. There were no queue and at the counter they just asked for my identification card.

Inside the race pack are the following:  Official Nike City 10K shirt, Race Day Guide, ID, 100 Plus, $10 Sephora voucher, timer and the Nike bag.  I'm just disappointed that the only freebie inside is the 100 Plus drink.  What the!  I hope after the race there would be more to expect.  See you all the run on October 24th.

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