Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hazy Singapore

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Posted on Sunday, October 24, 2010

view from my office desk, early morning
Last week was a surprise in terms of environment here in Singapore. The ever green Singapore was surrounded with haze and it doesn't look good at all. When it happened I thought it was raining outside but it was just a haze. It smelled awful as well.

According to the news, the haze came from Sumatra, Indonesia where blazing forest fires took place. We can never blame Indonesia if the forest fire was actually brought by nature. Thankfully today the skies in Singapore are a bit clear. Thanks to the rain that helped clear the haze. I am glad that Singapore can expect 2 days of rain starting tomorrow. That would somehow clean all the remaining residue. Just a precaution to us here in Singapore to bring an umbrella. Remember it is not just rain.

Anyway, I was in the Nike City 10K run this morning and the weather was nice and the sky was clear. Thank God! My 10K run story coming up tomorrow or Tuesday!

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