Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2010 Experience

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Posted on Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2010 Experience
Finally it was judgment day for me for my first ever fun run. I woke up early today, 5:30 if I am not mistaken. The start of the fun run was 8:15 A.M. My friends and I met at Expo MRT and we were in the shuttle bus before 7:45 A.M. The ride to the starting line took us forever. We arrived at the drop off point past 8:15 A.M. and what's so annoying was that freaky rain. We went to leave our baggages first then scouted for the free raincoat. I never expected rain on the day of the run. whatha!

After that, my friend and I looked for the toilet then we lost my other two friends. We did not find any toilets so we headed to the starting point. Before reaching the starting point, we finally found the portalets. After running a few meters, we did our stretching and were back on the race. The first race mark that we saw was the 3 kilometers mark. I was pleased to see some kids cheering with their drums. After a few meters, we saw the drinking station and the cheering teens. The last race mark that I saw was the 4 kilometers mark, which was stationed near the K-9 station of the prison. I can even hear some of the howling K-9s. I think they were cheering for us.

When we reached the entrance of the final destination, I felt so relieved. We reached the finish line in 37  minutes (I think) with the official time of 1:30+. At the right view of the Finish line was the Stage Area. While walking towards the Stage Area, I received a call from my two friends. Apparently, they finished the race minutes earlier than us. When we arrived there, we headed to get our goodie bags and baggages. It's just annoying that they don't have a system in the collection of bags. The queue for the green tags was literally long and it was still raining.

Anyway, I was over-all happy with my run and my knee did not disappoint me this time. I just have to work on with my endurance and resistance.

When I reached home, I hanged my wet clothes, cleaned my wet running shoes, took a shower, took my pain killer then went to sleep.

What's next? 10 km run?

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