Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chestnuts 3D is Awesome!

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Posted on Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chestnuts 3D is Awesome!
I have finally seen Chestnuts 3D: Fried Monty aka A Nightmare on Glee Street hours ago. This is a comedy theatre which was held at the Jubilee Hall of Raffles Hotel. My local friends and I are booked a month ago and I was honestly not that eager to watch it. I have this mentality that Singaporeans doesn't speak well in English and for that matter they can't sing compared to the singers of the Philippines.

Anyway, I was blown away. I was very impressed with the four actors especially Jonathan Lim and Judee Tan. I was laughing hard with the Ris Low's sister segment. She's so witty and funny.  Jonathan Lim, Chestnuts creator was hilarious and very talented.  He can sing a different Chinese and English song in one set.

In Chestnuts 3D, you can expect the following segments: The Full Monty, Lady Gaga, The Karate Kid, Ip Man 2, Emily of Emerald Hill, National Day Rally 2010, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Mediacorp’s Can You Serve?, JJ Lin, Animal Farm, Kit Chan in December Rains and Dick Lee’s Fried Rice Paradise.

Anyway, here is the clip from last year's Chestnuts. Featuring Judee Tan as Ris Low. Enjoy!

Chestnuts 3D is only until September 4th so better book your tickets. I guarantee that you will laugh hard.

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