Friday, July 23, 2010

Funny Bus Ride To The Gym

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Posted on Friday, July 23, 2010

Funny Bus Ride To The Gym
This happened on my way to the gym hours ago. Anyway, I left the office early since I have been staying late for two weeks already. I have lots of deadlines and the only way to manage it to stay late.

Now back to the funny bus ride story. I took this bus near the Northpoint bus stop. I was glad that I had a seat even the bus is full. After I sat on my seat, a commotion happened with an old Singapore local guy and the bus driver. The old guy suddenly was screaming loudly to the bus driver. Apparently, this old guy asked the driver if it will pass the Yishun Stadium, which was my destination. Apparently, the bus driver ignored his inquiry and he got pissed off.

If I can recall, the old guy blabbered, "You're so rude...I'll file a complain...blah blah blah." After ten minutes, the old guy was a bit calm. I suddenly heard him talking on the phone complaining to the bus company. After the call, he sarcastically asked the driver if he is scared already. The driver replied, "yeah, scared!" Then they were screaming at each other. The bus halted for a while and the bus driver asked if the old guy wants to alight or not. The old guy refused.

Too much drama for just a stupid miscommunication!

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