Monday, July 5, 2010

Back in Singapore

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Posted on Monday, July 5, 2010

Back in Singapore
Yesterday, I finally returned in Singapore. It was a short vacation, two days exactly. It was the first birthday of my second niece, Anika. I am required to attend the party since I always go home every birthday of my first niece. My sister would definitely think my favorite is Sam.

Anyway, I left Singapore last Friday. My flight was timed at 10:35 A.M. I think I arrived in the airport around 8 A.M. I rode bus 858 in Yishun which is very fast and very affordable. A taxi ride to the airport would cost me more than 30 SGD while the bus ride is less than 2 SGD.

Day 1 in Manila, I was able to go the spa and had my Jolly Hotdog at Jollibee. On Day 2, the birthday party of niece, I woke up around 8 A.M. and was dressed before 10 A.M. My first niece arrived our house past 9 A.M. and I was ecstatic to see her again. She's not that shy anymore and I received kisses and a hug. I finally got to see her wear the shoes that I gave her last year.

The van arrived 10.30 A.M. then we went straight to my sister's house in Las Pinas. We fetched them then went to Chowking in Madrigal, Alabang. The birthday party was scheduled 1:30 P.M. at Jollibee which is just steps away from Chowking. Anyway, I ordered for the Supreme Lauriat while they ordered for the Orange Chicken meal. It was a bad experience actually that they forgot my order. My brother-in-law got furious that he shouted at the service crews of Chowking. My sister and I just laughed at him. I received a complimentary halo-halo, which I gave to my dad.

By 1 P.M., we went to Jollibee to check what's going on. I also helped in arranging the freebies, which I just scattered in the floor. I am amazed that my sister went to Divisoria just to buy all those stuffs. And I think she went overboard with her spending.

The party was boring and I was sleepy. The party went topsy-turvy when Jollibee and the other four mascots arrived. Kids including me went crazy taking pictures with them. Haha. After we had our snack and had pictures with my niece, I finally escaped. I went to SM Makati where I bought two long sleeves, one slacks and my new Mendrez office shoes. I finally bought a new office shoes after so long.

I woke up the next day early where I had "Paksiw Chicken with Puso ng Saging." I left our house before 10 A.M. and was in the airport thirty minutes after. After almost four hours of air travel, I finally returned to Singapore.

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eric said...
July 6, 2010 at 3:11 PM

welcome to back to where you belong :D

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