Monday, May 31, 2010

Singapore Steamboat and LBM Saturday

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Posted on Monday, May 31, 2010

Singapore Steamboat and LBM Saturday
You read it right, LBM or Loose Bowel Movement. Anyway, after our Pulau Ubin Trip, we headed to Bugis to eat our dinner. They have decided to eat Steamboat so I just went along. I'm such a push over. It was my second time to eat Steamboat, my first time was at Seoul Garden. My Seoul Garden experience was just okay. Cooking your own food at the restaurant is not my thing.

Anyway, we went for the Steamboat at Beach Road. I forgot already the name of the restaurant. We had shrimp, crab sticks, beef, vegetables and seafood that I am not familiar to. I was seated on the corner right of the table, which is the best seat. The smoke of the barbecue grill didn't reach me. I just pity my other friends seated near the stove and grill. Not only they did the cooking but the smoke was their natural air for almost two hours.

Anyway, we had this funny crab incident. One of my friends told us that she noticed this local couple that kept on finishing the crab. On the third refill of the crab, the couple once again went running for it. Since we haven't had a crab yet, my friend rushed there. Would you believe that if my friend did not go there, the lady would have finished the whole portion of the crab?

Before we left the restaurant, I was amazed with the couple still munching the crab. Aren't they afraid of dying? They are like on their early 60s.

The next day after I had my egg breakfast I noticed that my tummy ached. Hours later, it was confirmed LBM. A total of four trips to the toilet including the toilet pool. I asked my friends from the Pulau Ubin trip and the two of them had tummy aches.

If you're going for a steam boat, better go to Seoul Garden.  More choices definitely!

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