Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Philippines 2010 National Elections Observations

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Posted on Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Philippines 2010 National Elections Observations
Day 2 of the National Elections in the Philippines. So far, Aquino and Binay are still leading in COMELEC. And it looks like a sure win for Aquino. It is just upsetting me that Erap Estrada hasn't conceded yet. Isn't it obvious that you lost the battle?

Back to the Presidentiables. I find Jamby Madrigal the funniest. Why would she even considered to run for President? Is she that popular? From the latest results, it appeared that even the nuisance candidate was ahead of her. You just wasted your time and money, Mrs. Senator.

On the other hand, the battle for the Vice-President post is still neck-to-neck with Binay and Roxas. Hopefully, we can get the final tally tomorrow. Either Binay or Roxas would be fine with me. As long as they will do the job.

I am commending the COMELEC for doing a good job. Hopefully, in the next elections the system will be improved and everybody are well informed and prepared. Thank you to the media, to the teachers and to the Filipino people.

I am very optimistic that there would finally be change in the Philippines. Let's all be vigilant and stayed informed. The House of Representatives would definitely be interesting this time with GMA as Congresswoman. Hello trapo!

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