Monday, May 10, 2010

Philippines 2010 National Elections

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Posted on Monday, May 10, 2010

Today is the 2010 National Elections in the Philippines wherein the new President, Vice-President, 12 Senators, Congressmen and local positions will be inaugurated next month.

Almost the whole day, I was tuned in to DZMM on my iPhone. Most of the problems during the elections were the machine malfunction and the long queue of voters.   Even NoyNoy Aquino encountered the machine malfunction.  Because of that, voting was extended until 7 P.M. from the mandated 6 P.M. deadline.

By 6 P.M., the precincts have started sending the electronic returns to COMELEC and so far NoyNoy Aquino is leading for President and Jejomar Binay for Vice-President. It's a surprise for me though to see Joseph Estrada second in the result. Are the Filipino people that stupid to vote for a convicted plunderer? Shame on you all! On the other hand, Binay is leading opposed to survey's usual #1 Mar Roxas. Is it true that they were so confident that Roxas will win.

Anyway, according to COMELEC, by midnight they will have 55% or more votes counted. We can expect the winner tomorrow lunch time.

It's just awful that I did not do my part this election. I will make sure though that in the next election I will register in the embassy if I'm still here in Singapore.

You can catch ABS-CBN's Halalan 2010 live coverage here.

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