Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chicago The Musical Review

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Posted on Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chicago The Musical Review
Last Sunday, my two friends and I watched Chicago The Musical at the Esplanade Theatre. My friend and I met at Raffles Mall where we had our diner at Subway. I was a bit late so we rushed our dinner. The musical was scheduled at 8 P.M. so after our dinner, we rushed to the theatre thirty minutes before the show.

When it was ten minutes before the show, we were anxious because our other friend was still missing in action. When she finally arrived, we rushed to the theatre and seated. Our seats was on Circle 2 in the last row and it wasn't as bad as I have expected.

Now to my musical review. The musical lasted two hours and a half including the break. I was expecting a lot from the show but it lacked a lot of props. I don't know if the orchestra was supposed to be in the stage but it looks very crowded. The performers can maximize the stage if the orchestra wasn't there.

The performers though were exceptional especially the dance numbers of Roxie and Velma. There were witty scenes that I really liked. In totality, the musical was just okay.

So what's the next in Singapore?

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