Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Annoying Clinics

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Posted on Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Annoying Clinics
Last week, I learned that my employment pass was for renewal. I was required to take a medical this time since it is my third renewal. Last Friday, I went to my agency where I collected the documents that I needed including the medical form. The manager explained what I should do and I only need the blood test.

I have decided to just do the medical on Monday since there is a nearby clinic in our work. I was supposed to go during lunch break but I learned that the queue is very long. So my next move was to go to a clinic near my home. So there I went to clinic 1. I showed my documents and they insisted that I should also do the x-ray. Since I know that I only need to do the blood test, I insisted to only do the blood test. Sadly, they won't budge. So I had no choice but to go on the next clinic. On clinic 2, I had the same problem and they can only collect my blood before 4 P.M. On clinic 3, they also insisted that I also do the x-ray. On clinic 1 by the way, I called my agency and asked for their opinion. Sadly, the one who answered my call doesn't know the answer.

Since I had a bad experience before with my x-ray, I will not allow it to happen again. The 200 plus medical tests is too much to bear. With that, I have decided to just go home. When I reached home, I went to the Ministry of Manpower website and researched. I have learned that the medical form that my agency gave me is 2 years outdated. No wonder, the clinics required me to do both tests. I have called Clinic 3 and told them the situation. I asked her that I will print the new medical form and will return tonight.

Hours ago, I finally had my blood test. I have to wait for three days to get the result. The medical examination is so expensive though! After the medical exam, I rushed to the gym and felt like throwing up afterwards.

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Tetcha said...
May 19, 2010 at 7:09 AM

Medical tests can really be annoying, time-consuming, and expensive. The positive thing is at least you get to know if you're okay, physically, that is.

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