Thursday, April 22, 2010

Singapore Budget Terminal and Cebu Pacific Experience

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Posted on Thursday, April 22, 2010

Singapore Budget Terminal and Cebu Pacific Experience
Last Wednesday, I went home to spend my one week in the Philippines. As I have mentioned in my previous post, it would be my first time to ride Cebu Pacific. It was my first time as well to be in NAIA Terminal 3, the controversial terminal. My flight last Wednesday was 10 A.M. and I was in Changi Airport's Budget Terminal past 8 A.M. I took the direct bus from Yishun to the Airport. It was scary but I was confident that I was on time when we reached the Punggol area.

The bus alighted at Terminal 2 and I didn't know that I should take the shuttle to the Budget Terminal. I only knew about it when I asked an officer inside. At the Budget Terminal, I checked in my luggage then I headed to McDonald's. I had hot cakes, hash brown and a big cup of coffee. After my breakfast, I went inside and took a seat at the waiting area. I saw the foot massager which I used at once.

When it was announced that we can now board, I headed to the boarding gate. It's just awful that there's no jet way and I need to climb the stairs to ride the plane. Anyway, Cebu Pacific has the same aircraft with JetStar and Tiger Airways. When I was on my seat, I was praying that the other two seats would be vacant. Sadly, seat C was occupied. She was nice though to lend her pen.

My Cebu Pacific experience was okay. I noticed that there are a lot of Pinay Domestic Helpers on board and they are very noisy. It's just fun to eavesdrops on their conversations. My seatmate is a Pinay DH and according to her she escaped her masters because in three months she hasn't received any pay.

When we reached Terminal 3 of NAIA, I noticed a familiar face. It was the Pinay in Australian accent that was in front of me when I was checking in my luggage. I was being judgmental when I saw her with her foreigner boyfriend. Now back in Terminal 3, she was on the phone with her Australian accent. She honestly looks like a domestic helper but with her accent was awesome.

The continuation of my story tomorrow.

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