Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Friday Hiking

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Posted on Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Friday Hiking
Last Friday was a public holiday here in Singapore. My three friends and I as planned went on hiking at Mt. Faber for the second time. This time, we did not chose the shortcut. My friends and I met at Anchor's Point at Alexandra which is in front of Ikea. Our call time was 9 A.M. but I ended up waiting almost 10 P.M. Well, I have anticipated them to come late so I was there by 9:30 A.M.

The mall opens at 10 A.M., so I just strolled inside to check where to have our breakfast. When they all arrived, we had our breakfast at this coffee shop. We had toast bread with kaya and butter and the not so hard boiled egg mixed with pepper and soy sauce. That I didn't like. We then headed to Cold Storage where we bought bottled water and junk food for them.

For our warm up, instead of riding the bus we just walked. It was worth it though. Our route now is up hill compared to our the last time that we just went down. My favorite part of the hike was in Henderson Waves where we took fun photos. That was real fun!

After that rest, we have continued our hike to the Harbour Front MRT. It was bizarre though to see a signage at the trail pointing to the MRT. Har har. We were soaked in sweat and I was very exhausted. At Vivo City, we searched for a place to eat steak. We searched and searched until my friend realized that there's a Pepper Lunch Express at the Food Court. When we're already eating, my friend suddenly broke the news that it's Good Friday. We literally screamed for breaking the "no meat" during Good Friday.

After our lunch, I had a quick change and washed my face. I then headed to Mustafa where I bought perfumes and chocolates. It was indeed a memorable Good Friday.

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