Monday, March 8, 2010

Sentosa Luge and Hunt For Chili Crab

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Posted on Monday, March 8, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore Makoy
Last February 27, my friends and I went to Universal Studios Singapore and Sentosa. Universal Studios is still closed so we just checked the entrance and took some photos from the famous Universal Studios globe. After the photos, we went inside the Hershey's Chocolate World. I just love the store. So many chocolates inside. Yummy to my eyes even I don't have a sweet tooth.

After the Chocolate World, we went to check the Casino near Universal Studios. We wore shorts so we did not went inside. The casino was quite disappointing for me since I had the chance to see casinos in Macau.

Our last stop was Sentosa. We just went there to ride the luge. It was surprisingly cheap for the three rides for only S$20. Would you imagine a single ride is only S$10 while the two rides cost S$16. We were greedy to choose three rides. Haha. It was my second time by the way to ride the luge. This time the new route of luge was open so we tried that route for two times. After the second ride, I find the ride very exhausting and it was sooo hot! We all wished that we just bought two rides.

Chili crab Singapore
After three rides, as planned we searched for Singapore's chili crab. It was my first time to eat a chili crab. I am very happy that my friends went with me. Instead of going to Suntec, we went to Lau Pa Sat to eat the Chili crab. My other friend was complaining of walking a far distance to Suntec when in reality Lau Pa Sat is also a long walk. At Lau Pa Sat, we checked each stalls and was suddenly stalked by an uncle. Thankfully, his stall sells chili crab and we went to sit. He began with his sales talk. If I can recall, we ordered for one chili crab, shrimp in battered cereal, Oyster Omelet and some vegetables. I just find everything just okay. The chili crab was just spicy but it is not extraordinary. Quite bland actually.

Since, we were in Lau Pa Sat, we took the opportunity to eat at Wendy's. Too bad there's no Bacon Mushroom Melt so we only had frosty. Aside from Wendy's, there is also Mang Kiko's Lechon and Happy V (Jollibee imitation) in Lau Pa Sat.

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