Monday, March 22, 2010

Rainy, Cold Singapore and My Crash Diet

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Posted on Monday, March 22, 2010

Rainy, Cold Singapore and My Crash Diet
Last week, Singapore was blessed with rain. I really enjoyed the cold weather and just stayed home. It was a lazy week that I only had time to blog twice that week. I have planned to buy things for my family over the weekend but I have decided to just stay home.

Yesterday, would you believe that I finished one whole season of United States of Tara? I am excited to watch two new episodes of Season 2 maybe later. It's a story of a mom with multiple personalities or (DID). It is produced by Steven Spielberg so it is definitely an interesting series.

Anyway, over the weekend I have started with my crash diet. I am really frustrated with my tummy that I now have to eat less especially carbohydrates. It's just bothers me a lot that I really feel hungry by 11 P.M. since I sleep past midnight. I still have to learn how to sleep early, maybe 10 P.M.

For my diet, I will only eat half rice. Breakfast, I will stop eating bee hoon and I will just prepare a whole wheat bread sandwich. Boring right? To make it all worst, I will stop drinking coffee since it's making me acidic. For dinner, I will eat less with fruits and milk. I am thinking also of running again at night and do sit ups afterwards. Hopefully, I can manage this diet and flatten my tummy soon. Aiyo!

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