Friday, March 26, 2010

Boring American Idol and Annoying Judges

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Posted on Friday, March 26, 2010

Boring American Idol and Annoying Judges
American Idol Season 9 is now left with the Top 10 finalists. I don't know but it felt like this is the most boring season of American Idol. Majority of the finalists are weak and the girls sounded alike. Thank God Paige was eliminated this week. If she perform songs that gets into her when why chose it right? She sounded terrible last night as if she can't sing at all. Siobhan Magnus is starting to annoy me. She keeps on screaming. If she gets a record deal, would she scream on every song? If that's the case then I won't buy her CD.

Now with the judges, I find them very tough on the contestants. To start with they chose the weak finalists. The new judge Ellen De Generes doesn't look like a good thing on American Idol. She wasn't as great as Paula Abdul but just a normal judge with a little humor on the side. On
this week, she was subtle with her comments. I am used with Simon Cowell's remarks so I'm passing him. Randy Jackson on the other hand was being real and was a bit hard this year.

My least favorite judge Kara DioGuardi is very displeasing this year. She looks like she's going to eat Simon Cowell with her antics. Icky Kara! She's too close with Simon that it looks very inappropriate. You're married to begin with. She's trying hard to be the "judge" and has this attitude that she's well established. I know that she has written numerous hit songs but does she has to brag?

Will this be my last season on American Idol? Let's have to see next year or maybe I'll just watch the new show of Simon Cowell instead.

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WebbieLady said...
March 28, 2010 at 10:02 PM

I agree that the jusges are annoying.... but I think that's why they are there... to annoy...^^

Webbie's GozzipLane

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