Saturday, January 23, 2010

TV Obsession on my iPhone

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Posted on Saturday, January 23, 2010

TV Obsession on my iPhone
If you have been reading my blog or even following me with in facebook, you might have concluded that I am a TV freak. Well, you are correct.

When I got my new iPhone, I was so happy that I can be connected on the go. Aside from that I can watch YouTube clips, movies and tv series.

For many days now, it has been a habit of mine to watch old tv series like Felicity, Ally McBeal and the X-Files.  I used to watch these series but I haven't completed watching the whole series.

Every morning on my way to the office I usually watch Felicity or the X-Files.  On my way home, I then watch Ally McBeal. It's just fun to go home watching this great comedy series. I recommend that you watch this especially if you are tired or stressed from work. The only downside is that people will stare at you when you start giggling or laughing.  Also a bit awkward when there is a sexy scene and the one beside you is looking at your iPhone.  Awkward!

So, do you have any other old series that I can start watching?

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