Monday, January 25, 2010

Neck Pain Mystery Resolved

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Posted on Monday, January 25, 2010

Neck Pain Mystery Resolved
Yesterday I was in excruciating pain. I have been with this neck pain for so long that I have thought that it's going to be forever.

Last night, as I have mentioned in my blog I have stopped using my chiro neck pillow and used my old unfluffy pillow. I was early today in the office coz my supervisor called me last Saturday to fix some issues in my application. I was very relieved that when I woke up the pain has depreciated and I can somehow move my neck freely.

I was with my big smile even I was standing at the MRT. I think in a week I can go back to the gym to hurt myself again. Har har.  I was so worried of skipping gym but now I don't have to.  I arrived the office today 8 A.M. today and was able to fix the bugs before my Supervisor's demo.

Anyone wants to buy a semi-used chiro neck pillow? Hehe.  Offer!  Offer lah!

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