Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Going Home This April

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Posted on Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Going Home This AprilThank God our Internet is finally working. I don't know what's wrong with Singtel but I have been experiencing bad reception. Anyway, after work I went to the gym. I'm thinking of going again this Saturday. I have been drinking this protein powder which tasted weird.  It is strawberry flavor by the way.  According to what I've read in the net, these protein stuffs help gain muscle and also help shedding some fats. I just hope I can see results soon.

Anyway, I have experienced a lucky incident again with our house toilet bowl. I was about to take a shower when suddenly the clothes that I have placed in my basket toiletries fell on the toilet bowl. Eeew. My other incident was when my newly opened Colgate Whitening toothpaste fell in the toilet bowl. I threw it by the way. Damn!

Moving on to April, I am excited to go home to see my family especially my two nieces and my sister which is based in the UK now. I haven't seen her for almost two years now. I have to talk to her in the coming days to plan for our itinerary. I would love to go to Enchanted Kingdom or somewhere far from the city. Oooh, maybe Baguio!  I want to spend more time with my two nieces.  I'm afraid they won't know me when they grow up.

I have to save now for my vacation and to do some investments.

To my friends, I hope to see you all.

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