Monday, January 18, 2010

Chiro Neck Pillow and Lunch at Kabayan

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Posted on Monday, January 18, 2010

Yesterday, my friend and I went to Lucky Plaza to get ourselves an OEC (Exit Pass) at i-Remit.  After the mass, I went straight to Lucky Plaza.  At the tiny room of OWWA, we filled up the form and waited for our turn.  When it was my turn, I was informed that they couldn't give me an OEC since my departure from Singapore is more than 60 days.  I just hope they would post something in the door with the know-hows so people won't waste their time.  Make sure by the way to bring your Passport, employment pass and air ticket.  You have to check as well the validity of your OWWA membership.  A single OEC costs S$5.50.

Anyway after my unlucky incident with OWWA, we went to Jologs to have our lunch.  We were confused on what to order so we went to the other Filipino restaurant, Kabayan.  I bought the set meal with kare-kare and beef steak.  I didn't like it by the way.  My cooking is better than their commercial food.  After our meal and chit-chats, we ordered "halo-halo", which is only S$2.50.  I didn't like it as well.

Before we parted, my friend asked me where will I go after.  I told her that I'm going to Daiso at Dhoby Ghaut to buy some hangers and shoe rack.  She have decided then to go with me.  At Daiso, I didn't see the same shoe rack that I bought from them before.  After Daiso, we went to the games shop at the top level to check out the Warcraft collectibles.  Those stuffs are quite expensive!

Since, I was unsuccessful with my shopping list, we went to the ground floor of Plaza Singapura where a Sale was happening.  I saw these memory pillows that caught my attention.  My neck is still in pain so I have thought of buying one.  Quite expensive though, 19 for the regular shaped memory pillow while the contoured-shape is 39.  We have then decided to go to Carrefour to check for the shoe rack and if there is a more affordable memory pillow.  I was able to buy some hangers, the shoe rack and an afordable contoured chiro neck pillow for only 20 SGD.  We're even lucky to have a nasty encounter with an Auntie sales lady since I was trying to check the pillow.  She literally asked us to move since I was on the bed trying the pillow.  Haha.

So what's the verdict with the chiro neck pillow, I woke up this morning still with the pain in my neck.  I think I have to see a doctor tomorrow.  This neck pain is almost one month already.  The neck pillow by the way is very comfy.  Trying now my new pillow.  Nyt!

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