Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 1 Hong Kong-Macau Trip

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Posted on Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 1 Hong Kong-Macau Trip
Hi guys, I am officially back in Singapore and in the blogosphere. I left Singapore last November 19th to Hong Kong then returned to Singapore last November 25th. I was so tired when I returned that I slept for two straight days. By Saturday, I was back in the gym and was in pain until Tuesday. Leaving a long gap without working out will really make your body sore.

Anyway, back to my Hong Kong-Macau trip, I will just enumerate some of the destinations that we went.

Day 1, November 19
The night before my trip I watched 2012 with my friends at AMK Hub. They weren't aware that I was leaving the next day and they were asking me what happened to me when I returned. I just don't like to brag that's all. Anyway, after the movie, I finished my packing and slept around 2 A.M. I left the house 4 A.M. since my flight is 6:40 A.M. I arrived Hong Kong International Airport by past 10 A.M. The second I stepped my foot outside the plane, I felt the cold weather. It was very refreshing and it made me very ecstatic. The coldest that I've been was in Baguio and it wasn't as cold as Hong Kong. At the airport, I had my lunch at Burger King. I even had the time to take some pictures. Thank you to those who helped me take my solo pictures. I was so brave to ask strangers hahaha. I was solo by the way to Hong Kong. I just met my friends at the hotel later that day since we all came from different countries.

Day 1, Hong Kong is around 14 degrees celcius and I loved it. At the MTR going to the hotel (I'm so stingy that I didn't ride a cab), I noticed people with their nice winter clothes. That moment, I desired to work in Hong Kong. I'm loving the weather and the transportation is just like Singapore. When I alighted the MTR and was on my way to the hotel, I was displeased with a lot of smokers in the streets. They don't care actually that others will inhale their smoke. I thought Hong Kong has a strict law with smoking. That wasn't the case.

Late afternoon, I went out to check the temple near the hotel. I also walked around the busy streets of Nathan Road. Sasa, a beauty store in Singapore is all over the place in Hong Kong.

Dinner time, I'm still alone. I went outside to eat. I had beef with rice and milk tea. The auntie was so nice that I asked her to take a picture of me. Haha. Beside the hotel by the way was a street of night market. After my dinner, I went to look for goodies. Oh my, I don't have pictures to post. It's in my laptop. Will post tonight.

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