Thursday, October 29, 2009

SEO and Make Money Online Project

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Posted on Thursday, October 29, 2009

SEO and Make Money Online Project
Over the past week, I have noticed that I have been slacking with blogging. I have realized that I have to do something to change this attitude. I have to lessen my Tv addiction and give more attention with my passion in writing and making money online.

Speaking of making money online, I have started to check my current link partners if I am still linked in their sites. It's just disappointing that most of them deleted my link already. By the way for those who are interested in exchanging links, please message me back. Better if you will link my blogs first so I can easily link you back. To those who are linked to my old personal blog, please update my link from Makoy's Memoirs of a Certified Blogger to Makoy's Musicology. Months ago, I have converted it to a music blog.

After my exchange links task, I will do more SEO posts to increase my hits. Hopefully before the year ends I will see positive results.

Anyway, I have signed up with CMF ads yesterday. Hopefully, advertisers and bloggers will be interested in placing ads on my blogs.

Bye for now.

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