Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last Day at Bintan Lagoon Resort

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Posted on Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last Day at Bintan Lagoon Resort 1
This story was delayed for almost a month now.  Well, here goes my last day at Bintan Lagoon Resort.

Monday morning, I woke up earl then had my breakfast prepared by the mommies in our group.  I had some fried egg, luncheon meat and rice.  After that, I went to my room then wore my swimming trunks.  I applied some tanning spray then went to the pool to try again tanning for the second time.  It was a super hot morning and I was excited to darken my skin.  I re-sprayed again myself then waited patiently for the burning effect.  Haha.  Tanning was actually a hard feat.  Thank God, I brought a cold soda in a can.

Last Day at Bintan Lagoon Resort 2
After my tanning, I went for a quick swim then went home eventually.  Our check out time was 2 P.M. even our ship ride to Singapore was 6 P.M.  When I arrived home, the kids went to the beach.  Since we didn't have much time at the beach, I followed the kids to the beach to swim and also to take some picture.  It was a salty beach.  Too bad, I forgot to bring my goggles in our Bintan Trip.  I had a hard time swimming.  I can't see anything underwater.  Anyway by lunch time, the mommies went to the beach to feed us.  We had some chips with dip for starters followed by rice, fried chicken and menudo.  That was yummy and we even used our hands to eat.  After some photo taking, we went home then packed our stuffs.  We were all in the living room waiting for the hotel service to fetch us.  Before our service arrived, we were able to took some fun pictures.

Our service arrived past 2 P.M. and we're stranded at the main hotel.  We waited again until 4 P.M. for the shuttle service to the Immigration.  At the Immigration, the gate opened at 6 P.M. and people came rushing (running actually, I was one of them).  At the ship, we managed to get the front seats.  I was so hungry that I went to the food counter and asked for the hotdog in bun.  It was chaos in that counter.  We kept calling the service crew but they ignored us.  Then when they had the time to ask for our order, there were no more hotdogs left.  Isn't that great?  The ship hasn't moved a bit yet the hotdogs are out of stock already.  I looked around and only five kids are eating hotdogs.  Do they know how the inventory system works?  Anyway, I did not eat anything.

We arrived home by taxi almost 10 P.M.  It was a fun trip!

Next destination?  Two letters!

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