Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day At Bintan, Indonesia

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Posted on Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day At Bintan, Indonesia
(09/19/09) Finally our Bintan Trip is today. I alarmed my mobile around 5:30 A.M. since we planned to leave the house around 6:30 P.M. When I woke up my landlord’s family are already awake and about to take a bath. I had my breakfast first then went to take a bath. I even forgot to shave and brush my teeth since my razor and toothbrush are already in my luggage. Anyway, after taking a bath, I went outside to go to the ATM machine. I only have around 30 SGD and I couldn’t survive Bintan without my pocket money. When I checked my OCBC account, only 100 SGD are left. I have no time to go to a Citibank ATM to withdraw so I used my BPI Savings Account to withdraw. After withdrawing, I have realized that I shouldn’t withdraw on my BPI account since I have a scheduled bills payment for next week.

When I went back to our house Kuya Orly is still in the bathroom so I cannot brush my teeth and shave. I just waited in the kitchen until I saw him leave the bathroom. After my quick shave and brush, we finally left the house. We hailed a taxi and was in Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in less than 30 minutes. By the way, aside from my landlord’s family, we are also going with Ate Juliet’s three friends. When we arrived at the Ferry Terminal, all of them are still not there. We have managed to get our boarding passes and when the two arrived, we went to Kopitiam to have a quick breakfast. I had coffee and French toast. My diet is totally forgotten for this vacation. When the last friend of Ate Juliet arrived, we started munching with our food and in minutes time we went to queue at the Immigration Checkpoint. It was a long queue for the 9:50 A.M. trip.

Just to fast track, we arrived at Bintan, Indonesia 45 minutes after. It was raining hard actually when we arrived. It was hard to take pictures while we were on a shuttle bus going to the Bintan Lagoon Resort. At the Bintan Lagoon Resort, we were welcomed by Indonesian Ladies with their national costume. And they were also dancing. When we finally entered, we were given complimentary iced tea, which is very nice and refreshing. Bintan Lagoon Resort is definitely nice. They are even renovating some parts of the resort. Inside, we registered then waited for the shuttle bus to take us to our villa. We walked around first then took some pictures. There are even shops that sell Indonesian products. Very, very expensive though and they are in Singapore Dollars.

When we arrived our villa, I was very impressed and delighted with the villa. It’s very homey and spacious. And I have my own room, woot! Our Buganvil Unit 39 has four rooms: 1 master with bath, 3 common rooms, 2 baths and 1 storage room.

I really enjoyed riding and driving the Buggy, the electric car used in golf courses. Every villa by the way has its own Buggy which you can drive around. Hotel rooms though don’t have a villa. Anyway, on my first try though, I got very scared but after awhile it is very easy to maneuver. I think I can now learn how to drive a real car. Any free lessons, anyone?

On our first day, we have managed to go to the beach and picked some seashells, swam at the pool and lastly do barbeque. Tomorrow, we are going to the beach. I will wear my trunks and have my tanning spray. After that, we will go to Ole Ole, which I heard is the market in Bintan. Time to buy some Indonesian stuffs. I better rest now. We plan to start our day tomorrow around 7 A.M. By the way, Bintan is one hour delayed from Singapore and the Philippines.

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Jacob said...
March 30, 2010 at 11:09 PM

I worked in Singapore for a couple of years and spent many a weekend at Bintan island hotels. I found it very relaxing but a little expensive but the golf courses and beaches made it worthwhile.

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