Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bed Bugs Bit Me

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Posted on Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I am not sure whether it was Saturday or Sunday morning that I have notice that I have blisters on my arm.  It was three huge blisters with a big bump on my left arm.  Thank God, I wear longsleeves in the office and no ever noticed it.

Yesterday night after my gym session, I have decided to vacuum my bed so I would have a good night sleep. Before that by the way while I was taking a bath, I have noticed that I also have bite marks on my left shoulder and on my right leg.  Back to the vacuum...It was loud.  I just didn't mind my housemates with the lot of noise I have created.  And after vacuuming, I continued my noise by putting packaging tape on my balikbayan box.  Haha.  Nice right?

Anyway, I retired around 12 midight and I was so paranoid that after 10 minutes in my bed, I stopped using my quilt.  I haven't vacuumed it anyway since it's hard to vacuum.  I placed the quilt on my balikbayan box and reached for my old blanket at my dresser.  It was comfy!

At work today, I felt very weak and at the same time feverish.  As of writing this post, I am on my 37.6 Celcius temperature (normal but I feel hot inside) and my body is aching from the workout that I did yesterday.  I plan to drop by the gym by Thursday so my aching muscles can rest for a while.  I don't know if I will go to work tomorrow.  I hope I'll feel better.

And oh, my friends have told me to soak my mattress, pillows and beddings at direct sunlight.  Maybe I can do that over the weekend.  It has been raining cats and dogs in the past few days here in Singapore.  Gotta sleep now.

Bed bugs stay away from me, I'm not Sookie!  (with Southern accent)

2 Responses to “Bed Bugs Bit Me”

Anonymous said...
September 2, 2009 at 11:12 AM

Try spraying vodka (YES... Vodka) sa mattress and quilt mo then bilad mo sa araw.

Makoy said...
September 2, 2009 at 11:14 AM

wouldn't it smell?

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