Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sick Leave Annoyance

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Posted on Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sick Leave AnnoyanceLast Thursday, I took my sick leave. I was feeling dizzy and I have this headache. Since here in Singapore a medical certificate is required in the office, before lunch I went to the accredited clinic and had me checked by the doctor. Before leaving the house, I checked my list and wrote down the clinics near my place. The first clinic that I went was a bit disappointing. Apparently, our medical card in that clinic was not recognized anymore. Because of that, I went to clinic #2. The clinic looks old and a bit dark. When I went to register, they told me that consultation was already closed. I have to go back after lunch.

I went back home, took a bath then had my lunch. I checked again my list and saw that they will be open by 2 P.M. When I was on my way to the bus stop, I noticed that it was really dark. I got lazy to go back in our flat to get my umbrella. When I was on the bus, the heavy rain started to pour. The unexpected happened, I was stranded in the last bus stop. Since it was getting late, I managed to run over the pouring rain. Guess what happened when I returned to clinic #2. The doctor was still not in. And the receptionist told me that he will be in by 3:30. Since it was only 2:30, I have decided to go to a different clinic. And that means I have to run again with the heavy pouring rain.

I successfully had my checkup on clinic #3. I have to run again though to the safety of a shade. That is worst sick leave ever.

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